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Long Lasting Fresh Breath
Scripture: 2 Timothy 3:16-17
Track 1 of 11 in the Life-Changing Words series
Running time: 33 minutes, 18 seconds.

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Matthew Wilson Speaker: Matthew Wilson
Matt is the Jr. and Sr. High Minister at Madison Park Christian Church.

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April 10, 2005 - Long Lasting Fresh Breath

She would do anything to get a kiss from someone. And this movie, the Sandlot, is one of my favorite movies because it's about baseball and baseball is one of my favorite things. But Squints has to have a kiss from Wendy Pfeffercorn. He can't take it any longer. He gets kicked out of the pool for the whole summer, but it was worth it to him just to have that one kiss from her, that fresh breath from her mouth. Maybe you've had a moment in your life where there would be something that you would just give up anything and everything to have it. You know, that dream item, if you could just obtain it, it would be great. Or maybe you've had a moment where just everything clicked, and you took that moment and you just soaked it in because it was the best feeling and the best time. Maybe it's kind of like this past week, the good weather we've been having, you roll down the windows and just kind of breathed in this fresh spring air minus all the allergies that come with it. And you just soak it up because it's so good and it's been so long since we've had that fresh breath of air. You know, this world is full of times and moments when the air is not so fresh and the moments aren't so good. So when those moments come along, we really want to grab ahold of them and soak it up. We try to pursue those times and we create leisure times in our lives so we can have those moments because we love them and want to soak them up and take them in.

Now sometimes people can do evil things to us and wrong things to us that kind of spoil our times and our moments. You know, it's kind of like people with bad breath. There are people out there that have bad breath, you know, and I'm not here to pick on any of those people and I know you've probably been talking about the little problem I have so today I'd like to talk about how to have long-lasting fresh breath. Those moments, those times when we can take it all in, but also having fresh breath when we speak it, when we have it in our own lives. I think, you know, it would be great if every single person could have good breath, you know, if no one had to suffer bad breath. It seems like people who have bad breath are the close talkers, too. Have you ever noticed that? Well, I just wish everyone would have fresh breath. You know, kind of like petunias is what it would smell like or baby's breath. That's kind of like a flower in baby's breath. But it could just smell great, kind of like God's breath. Have you ever thought about God's breath, what that's like, what that must be like to smell? God's breath? You look at the bible and it's amazing to look at the power of God's breath and in Genesis 2, God breathed into Adam's nostrils. Boom, Adam comes to life. Amazing thing. In Ezekiel, Ezekiel has a vision of dry bones all coming together and they are lifeless until God breathes life into them. And here in 2 Timothy where we're going to look today, we see that all scripture, everything we find in it is God breathed. It is from the mouth of God. And anything from the mouth of God can be trusted. If you have your bibles and would open them to 2 Timothy 3:16-17. This is one of those key verses in scripture that points to the fact that we can trust scripture. Now, you're saying, well how can something in the word say that the word if true? Well, God is truth. God speaks his word to people to write down this word to say you can trust it. And as you see the story of God, the struggle we have written on the pages of the bible, you see that God keeps his word. You see it with Noah and giving him the rainbow. God has kept his word. You see it over and over again in the bible that God keeps his promises, that God is reliable. Here in 2 Timothy 3, Paul says this, verse 16 "All scripture, every bit of it, is God breathed and it's useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work." If you read here and see what Paul's getting at, he says that the word of God is useful. It comes from the mouth of God, and it's definitely something that we can put into practice in our lives that will be of use. It will help to change us. It will help us to become more like him.

One of our core values and one of the things that we place in our vision here at Madison Park is not something we just pulled out of the air made up by our human minds. It's for every person in our body that believes in Christ. We want people to come and know Christ first, but once you do believe in him to become more like him. And how do we become more like him? It's by knowing his word. And this breath of air that God has given from his mouth to these authors to write on scrolls that has carried down through thousands of years comes to us. It was here before us and is going to last after us. How do we get this long-lasting fresh breath in our lives? Well, today I'd like to give us as we look at the scripture, four useful tips to having long-lasting fresh breath. Of course, I'll give you little hygiene tips along the way. You probably know all these hygiene tips, but hopefully we'll learn some things together as we look at the scripture.

One good way to have long-lasting fresh breath is to avoid long periods of talking. Ever notice if you talk for while, especially a long while, that your breath begins to sour? I used to notice this with my teachers in school. You know, they'd always come up to me, it would be like later in the day and I'd have a question or something. They'd come to my desk and be like showing me how to do something. I was like, that's okay, I'll go ask my friend because your breath is awful right now. No offense to teachers, some teachers know how to take care of their breath and not every case. But it seems like when you talk a lot you get this bad funky breath going on. So a good way to take care of this is to avoid long periods of talking. In other words, take the time to listen. If you're going to be taught, you have to be able to hear it. So avoid those long periods of talking. Paul says to Timothy here, he says you've known God's word he says in verse 15 from infancy and Timothy is really a guy who had a great life. I mean, you think of his grandmother, Lois, and his mother, Eunice, which we see have raised him up and shared the faith. And Paul is his father in the faith. And Paul says to him you've known the scriptures all your life. Use those scriptures to teach. Timothy had great teachers. It's good to have great teachers to teach us the word, but it's also good for us to be teachable. To have those moments in our lives where we need to learn some things and the scripture does that continually throughout our whole lives.

Deuteronomy 6 gives us one of the ways that people were teaching. When I think about teaching, I often think about the school system and how that is today. Well, you know, I don't think it was the same back in that world. I mean, we know from history that it wasn't exactly the same. They didn't have elementary schools in each corner of their town or anything like that. So how did they learn? Well, in Deuteronomy 6 we see how they would learn in those days and how in fact they would be taught and this is actually another one of our core values here at Madison Park. We believe that families should learn together and it comes from Deuteronomy 6:4-9 that says this "Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. These commandments I give you today are to be upon your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down, when you get up. Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads, write them on the door frames of your houses and on your gates." There's a lot of practical ways there to teach the word and one of those ways is to pass them to your children. Another is to talk about it all the time, wherever you go. When Jesus came and taught, he talked about God everywhere he went. Doesn't matter where he was. So there's lots of ways to be taught. A good way is through the family, the family teaching. So take up God's word and teach your kids. Learn from the word. Another useful way that we see in scripture to be taught is this concept of imitation. Now Paul talks about this in Ephesians 5:1. He says "be imitators of God as dearly loved children." In Philipians 2:5-11 he says, "your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus who was a servant, who was humble." Timothy is getting this instruction from Paul that says to imitate. He gets it over and over again because Paul also says "follow me as I follow Christ." Imitation is a key concept to spiritual growth. If we're going to become anything like Christ, we have to know what he looked like and to know what he looks like, we have to have the word of God in our lives. The more we have that, the more we know what he looks like and the more we start to look like him and imitating him–how he acted, where he went, what he did, what he said. When you start to study the word of God, it begins to teach you. Chances are when you pick it up, Hebrew 4:12 says "it's living and active," it really begins to steady you and show you what you need to do differently or how you need to live. So Paul says "do what I do as I follow Christ." In the age and time in this world when people say do as I say and not as I do, it's refreshing to see Paul say "follow me." And Timothy follows this instruction, he lives up to it, he follows Paul's instructions as he leads the church and Paul's given this charge so he can be that strong leader. But to ever learn anything you have to shut up, you have to quit talking. In a few minutes, I'll take that advice and quit, but for now let's look further.

There's a couple of guys sitting at a pub and the 11:00 news comes on the TV and they're watching the news together. One man turns to his friend as they see this report coming on the TV of this guy who's on the 20th floor of a building, looks like he's going to jump. So the man turns to his buddy and says "I bet you $10 that he doesn't jump." So his friend says "all right, it's a bet." So a few minutes later as the newscast goes on, indeed they find out the man does jump. So the man who made the bet turns to his friend and says "here's your $10 bill." So he hands it over to his friend and his friend said, "no I can't take you money because I watched the 6:00 news. I know what happened." His buddy said "no, no that's okay, I watched the 6:00 news, too. I didn't think he'd do it again." Sometimes we just don't learn. We're just thick-headed. We have thick skulls and nothing seems to get in there. I don't know if it's because we don't pay attention or we don't listen or a combination of both. Sometimes we hear it and we still don't do it. In James it tells us to don't just listen to the word but to do what it says. Sometimes we just don't get it so we have to be teachable. I hope we never reach a point where we not teachable, that we're always students learning from God's word. Sometimes we have to get past our egos to do that. Sometimes we have to realize we don't know it all. So why in the world would Paul tell Timothy this? Why in the world would Paul say to use the word to teach? Well if you look at the beginning of chapter 3 you see why. What happens here, Paul is describing the days that Timothy is living in and he says in these last days they are going to be terrible. He said people are going to love themselves. People are going to have a form of godliness but deny its power. Kinda sounds like today, doesn't it? People today seem to love themselves and to get what they want before what others want. People today seem to have a form of godliness and deny its power. They seem to know of Christ or maybe at one time committed to Christ or put the tag of Christian on, but they surely don't live it. They have that form of it but they deny its power. So Paul says the word of God is needed and it's needed to be pointed at as reliable and you need to also train up other men to be reliable men to teach the word because the word of God needs to be taught in your world.

There's a lot of messages in our world today, a lot of words that you can get. Sometimes when you go and pick up magazines you see some of these words. Now you probably think I'm weird for picking up a teen magazine, Tiger Beat. This one has a neat pull- out poster of Jessie McCartney. If any of you want it later, I will give it to you. Okay, Katie, I gotcha. But in the back of these magazines they have these little things, they're called horoscopes and you've probably seen horoscopes before and all kinds of things. Some people treat this as truth. Well, I like to read mine every now and then so Virgo, that's what I am. If the guy you're crushing on ... oh, okay, I have to kind of adapt this a little bit. If the guy you're crushing on hasn't asked you for your number yet, ask for his. You've been gaga over him since school started. There are only a few months left until summer vaca--which is vacation--and then you won't have another chance to hang with him until fall. He's acting shy. Boy's can be frustrating so someone has to make the first move. If you can't muster up the courage to flirt a little, ask a friend to play matchmaker. You're driving yourself bananas trying to figure him out. Okay, that doesn't really apply to me. I'll go to Teen People because Teen People has better horoscopes. Virgo, Teen People. Sleeping under the stars and building camp fires can be really fun, especially with your friends in tow. Hey, that works because in a couple of weeks I'm going camping with the high school guys so there's my horoscope. That works for me. It's great stuff. Now you might think I'm silly by reading these and thinking that anyone would every believe this, but I guarantee you there are teenagers all over this world that listen to this sermon and it's being preached to everyone. All the young girls out there, well not every single girl would listen to it, but they're targeting every young girl out there and pretty soon they end up dressing like some of the pictures in here, wearing some of the clothes in here, and acting some of the ways they say to act in here. And so pretty soon no longer are you getting your truth from the truth, but you're listening to another sermon. So we have to be careful where we get our word from. It can be as innocent looking as Tiger Beat, but it turns out to be something completely different. There are all kinds of things out there that we have to aware of, Buddhism, Hinduism, Mormonism, and all the other isms. They are false and they are trying to teach you something they're saying is truth, but it's really a lie. So we have to be very careful as we walk. That's why we have to have the word of God in our hands. We have to have it next to us. We have to have it inside of our minds so we know, so we're taught by it. There's a story of a Chinese boy who wanted to learn all about the jade stone so he went to a prominent teacher and he asked this teacher to teach him about this stone. The teacher took the jade and he placed it in this boy's hand. The boy closed his hand around the stone and the man began to teach him. Taught him a philosophy of men, of women, of the sun, of everything under the sun. Taught him for hours and the boy would go home and this would go on for weeks and the boy became frustrated because he wanted to know about the jade, but yet he was honoring his teacher so much that he wouldn't speak up and say anything. Eventually one day as he was learning from the teacher, the teacher started the session and placed the stone in his hand and the boy received that stone in his hand and immediately after touching it, he said, that's not jade. The teacher had placed a different stone in his hand. You see, the boy the whole time of learning about all these other things was actually learning what the jade felt like in his hand. And so he knew the jade. How are we ever going to know the word of God and who Christ is if we don't take up the word in hand? How are we ever going to be familiar with it if we never read it? How are we ever going to taught by it if we don't open it up and flip through the pages again? I would guess there are many bibles that sit on shelves, dust covered, that haven't been touched for years. It's not because we plan not to, we just don't plan to do it. So read the word, get into the word because when you read the word it teaches you how to be like Christ. And it teaches you about who Christ is. Some of you may not even know who he is. You may not even know can I trust him. You may know it and you think I can't trust him. Read the word and the holy spirit will work through that to teach you and to show you and you'll be changed, you'll be transformed because that's what the word does. It doesn't leave you the same. We got Dr. Phil, we got Atkins, we got South Beach, all of them, maybe a little bit profitable to help you lose some weight. But I guarantee you that none of them hold a candle to the words of God. Nothing in this world will transform you like reading the word of God because these are words from God's very mouth spoken to us. They are words of life and they give us life. Knowing what he did, knowing what he sacrificed for us. So avoid long periods of talking. Take some time to be quiet, to listen to the word and what the word wants to teach you.

Another helpful and useful tip to having long-lasting fresh breath is to use mouthwash. They have this thing called Listerine and it's really, really powerful. When you drink that stuff, it just oh, for me it like numbs up my tongue for like 10 seconds, so you know I don't really use it much. I probably need to. I'm sorry. But if you use mouthwash, it's very helpful because it helps you to have long-lasting fresh breath as you go through your day. We come to this next word, it's this word rebuke. When I think rebuke, I think Listerine because, whoa, it hurts a little bit, it has a little sting and that's the picture of rebuke. Let me give you a little better picture of rebuke. I was a very good boy growing up, never got spanked, ever. Okay, that's not my story. I was a pretty good kid growing up. My parents are here so I have to be truthful right now as I always am, but during my years of growing up I got into some trouble a few times. I have a brother that's older than me and a brother that's younger than me and another couple sister and brother on down that we never really hung out with. But anyway, so there were the three of us to begin life and I remember living in a house and next to this house was a cornfield. My brothers and I thought it would be really cool to make a fort in the cornfield. So we took off to the cornfield with, I don't know if it was corn knives or machetes, but we started chopping a path into the cornfield and then we cleared out this huge clearing in the cornfield to make a fort. And it was awesome ... until dad got home. Then dad used the corn stalks to spank us. Yea, don't turn him in to DCFS, but he did. He used the corn stalks to spank us. I was rebuked that day. I know rebuke. I remember another time whenever I was, I know as I go along you're going to think less and less of me because I was really demented. I had this frog. I was on the front porch and for some reason I just wanted to tear the frog's legs off. So I did. Hey I was only four ... teen or so. No, I was four or five years old. So I tore the frog's legs off and my dad disapproved of that. I learned what rebuke was. I remember another time my brothers and I got BB guns. BB guns are a lot of fun. We had pigeons in a barn loft and I remember that it was, you know, really hard to kill a pigeon with one shot with a BB gun, but we happened to wing one one day and so the three of us began to unload our BB guns on that pigeon. We slaughtered that thing in the barn loft. I think I got my BB gun taken away for a couple of weeks which, by the way, I didn't shoot out the back window of the truck. It really wasn't me. I know what rebuke is like. It hurts a little bit. It stings a little bit. It's a criticism. It's a censure that says stop doing that. Jesus knows what rebuke is. In fact, he knows how to rebuke. How would you like to be rebuked by Jesus? Well, that is what we're asking you to do here when you read the word is to be rebuked by it. Jesus stood up in a boat with his disciples one day when the wind was blowing pretty hard and the storms were crashing in and he said be still and he rebuked the wind. What did the wind do? It listened to him. It was still. The disciples marveled at the power that Jesus had. There's a lesson in that. If the wind listens to Jesus, maybe we should as well. Maybe there are some times we just need to stop doing what we're doing because it's not what we need to be doing and the word helps to do that in our lives. Timothy is in a situation where there's going to be all kinds of new Christians trying to figure out how to live. You've gotta have someone to stand up and say stop doing that. You need not act that way. And that's what the word of God can do for all of us. So it helps to use mouthwash from time to time.

You know sometimes, though, you just need a freshen up during the day and that's why they have this really nice stuff that's called gum. Used to, when I was a kid, it was pretty simple. They had like Doublemint, Spearmint, Big Red, and Juicy Fruit, and so I, you know, I grew up in church so I chewed a lot of gum in church. And now today they have all kinds of other gum like Orbit. Fabulous. You know, Orbit is a great new gum. I think it's still made by Wrigley, yep, made by Wrigley. They even have Orbit White which whitens your teeth as you chew it. There's Trident, there's Dentine, there's all kinds. I went to Wal-Mart and counted–39 different types of gum in the gum section. Pretty amazing. But then you also have mints. You have these little blue BBs, which brings back memories, but you have these little things you can pop in and they'll freshen up your breath and they're like little gel caps that dissolve. Then you have these little boogers, these Listerine breath strips. I tell you, we won't go back to rebuking, but you want some rebuking, pop one of those dudes in. I put one in first service. I'm not doing it now. Sticks to your mouth. We come to this section of scripture where Paul says to correct. The scriptures will correct our lives, will help teach us to know right from wrong and to correct us when we are wrong, to know what is right. The actual word for correct means to stand up again right. That's what the Greek word means there. So it's to put us back into right standing. It's to put us back in the right place. You know, mistakes are going to happen, aren't they? I mean, we make mistakes all the time. They're inevitable. Take for instance this ad taken from a newspaper. On Monday it says the Rev. A.J. Jones has one colored TV set for sale. Telephone 626-1313 after 7:00 p.m. and ask for Mrs. Donnelley who lives with him cheap. Tuesday–we regret any embarrassment caused to Rev. Jones by typographical error in yesterday's paper. The ad should have read the Rev. A.J. Jones has one colored TV set for sale cheap. Telephone 626-1313 and ask for Mrs. Donnelley who lives with him after 7:00 p.m. Wednesday–the Rev. A.J. Jones informs us that he has received several annoying telephone calls because of an incorrect ad in yesterday's paper. It should have read–the Rev. A.J. Jones has one colored TV set for sale cheap. Telephone 626-1313 after 7:00 p.m. Ask for Mrs. Donnelley who loves with him. Thursday–please take notice that I, the Rev. A.J. Jones have no colored TV set for sale. I have smashed it. Don't call 626-1313 any more. I have not been carrying on with Mrs. Donnelley. She was until yesterday my housekeeper. Friday–wanted a housekeeper. Usual housekeeping duties. Good pay. Love in Rev. A.J. Jones. Telephone 626-1313. Mistakes are inevitable in the publishing business and mistakes are inevitable in our lives. There's going to be times when we just fail. So when we fail, we can kind of fall into this trap of thinking, you know, I'm gonna mess up. As long as I get most of the things right I'll be okay. You know, I can sin a little bit. As long as I get most of it right, it's alright. Well, just think for a minute if you settle for that. If you actually believe for a minute that Jesus says I challenge you to live mediocre lives or if you think that Jesus says I challenge you to do things half way. Just think for a minute if 99% were good enough. Well, if 99% were good enough, you'd have no phone service for 15 minutes a day, 1.7 million pieces of first-class mail would be lost every day, 35,000 newborn babies would be dropped by doctors and nurses every day. I was one of them. 200,000 people will get the wrong drug prescriptions every year if 99% were enough. Unsafe drinking water three days a year, three misspelled words a page, 2 million people would die from food poisoning each year. We can't be perfect, but we're not called to live for just good enough. We're called to live to be perfect. Yea, we're not gonna achieve it here. We're going to have things that we fail at and times that we mess up and times that we come up short because we are not Christ, but we're doing our very best to live like Christ. Jesus says be perfect as my heavenly father is perfect. He doesn't call us to low living. He calls us to a high calling, a high task and so when we're talking today about reading the scriptures more, it requires more of your life. Here's a challenge for you. Take the scriptures and read them and share with someone what happens in the scriptures, the stories that you have. Share with one person this next week a neat story. It requires more of you because you've got to go out of the way because you've got to let someone know that may not know that you read the bible. You've gotta let them know that and you share that truth, it begins to change, it's a little bit different.

The last way to have long-lasting fresh breath is, of course, to brush regularly. Can't skip brushing your teeth because clean ...... but we've gotta brush regularly. That's where Paul comes in this text. He says to train yourself with the word of God, to let it train you. That's a kind of consistent picture, this picture of the athlete or the soldier going into training, strict training, for something serious, a battle or a competition. That's the image that Paul gives to us here. So today I wanted to give you a tool that you could actually take home with you so at the doors as you leave today, if you want to pick one up, you can pick up a bible reading plan. What this does is it helps you be able to plan to read the bible every day and it's a plan that you can read through the bible in a year, you can read through it in three, you can even read through it in twelve years if you want to take twelve years to do it. It breaks down into twelve sections. It's a really neat plan. There's all kinds of tools out there, but I just want to give you that one that you can take with you today. Like I said before, it's not that we plan not to read the bible, it's just that we don't plan to. So set up a time in your life when you can read the word, a time of the day when you can stop and do it and consistently do that every single day. Get in the word more. Another good plan that one of my youth ministers growing up shared was a guy named Barry Smith, I call it the bible pillow plan. Take the bible and you put it on the floor right next to your bed so when you wake up in the morning, that's the first place that your feet hit the floor. Now when your feet hit the floor, instead it's going to hit your bible. So pick up the bible and open it to Proverbs, chapter 1 and read Proverbs 1. Proverbs is neat because it has 31 chapters which most months have about 31 days. Works out pretty good. Kinda genius there. So read Proverbs 1, close the bible, put it on your pillow and when you get back to go to bed that night, there's your bible on your pillow to remind you to read again. Pick up the bible, read Proverbs 1 again, close your bible, put it on the floor where you feet will hit the floor in the morning. A simple way to get the bible into your life, to let it train you. You gotta let the word get inside of you. Colossians, the verse that Lacey read awhile ago, says to let the word of Christ dwell in you richly. What happens is that when you know more about Christ and how he lives, you start to act more like him because you decide to choose to live like him and it begins to change you from the inside out. It cultivates sound judgment. It helps you to know how to choose in those decisions you're that faced with because when you have a big decision, if you're more like Christ, you're more likely to make the wise choice. You're more likely to know how to treat your spouse or how to treat your children or how to handle a big problem or whether or not to make a job move or to make a big purchase because your judgment is more sound because it's planted in the word of God, not just on your own understanding. I love the picture in John 20:22. Jesus is resurrected and he appears to the disciples and he comes to them and he breathes on them. Now God is really good at keeping his promises. In fact, he's never broken a promise. When Jesus breathes on them, he fulfills a promise that he gave to them because Jesus promised to give them the holy spirit and when Jesus breathed he says here you go, here's my spirit. He didn't have to breathe on them, but this was the picture that he gave them to say my spirit is upon you. Isn't it neat as you look at the phases of time how each step of the way God has become closer to us? You have God who was with Adam and Eve in the garden. Then sin enters the picture so you have God who is with a few people through history. He was really close to them, Abraham, Noah, guys like that. Then God takes a step closer. He sends Jesus to the earth and you have Jesus interact with hundreds and thousands of people and then Jesus leaves. So what does Jesus leave behind? He leaves behind his spirit which can be with every single one of us all around this world. So God is closer than ever. Take that word of God up and let the spirit guide you and train you as you read. God gave this word to men through his spirit to write down so we could have it. Paul knew that his life was coming close to an end as he wrote to Timothy here. He was probably in a cold dark dungeon in Rome all alone. In fact, he tells Timothy bring my cloak and bring my stuff. Oh, and by the way, Luke is the only one with me, so when you come and see me, bring Mark with you. Paul knows it's a lonely time but there is something else that Paul knows here, too. In chapter 4:17 he says "the Lord stood at my side and he gave me strength so that through me the message might be fully proclaimed and all the Gentiles might hear it. And I was delivered from the lion's mouth. The Lord will rescue me from every evil attack and will bring me safely to his heavenly kingdom. To him be glory forever and ever, amen." Paul knows that he's not alone because Paul knows that God is right there with him. He can rely on God and he can rely on God's word. Paul might have been in chains, but the gospel was never chained because God is living and active.

So you want some long-lasting fresh breath? Well, avoid long periods of talking. Take some time to use some mouthwash. Pop in a mint from time to time to refresh that breath and let the word of Christ train you to be more like him by brushing regularly. It's awesome to see the scriptures handed down to us and how God set up a plan for that to happen so that you and I can know how to live. Follow God's word this week. Get back into it. Find these awesome stories that God has packed full in the scripture and you find this truth that gives you life like nothing else in this world can give you. Here's one truth. Where there is breath, there is life. And where there is absence of breath, there's death. God's word is that breath of life. Take it in. Breathe deep. Be like Squints and soak it up. Take advantage of pursuing after this with all you've got. It won't let you down. Just breathe. Let's stand and sing.

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