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ONES: Because We Were Never Meant To Be Alone

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Matthew Wilson Speaker: Matthew Wilson
Matt is the Jr. and Sr. High Minister at Madison Park Christian Church.

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It's the Magic Mystery of Us!

1,000s of teens gathered, not for a concert, not for a ball game, not for a movie; 1000s of teens gathered for . . . worship! . . . learning! . . . devotions! . . . community!

What brings them together . . . just that, together. There's just something about being together. As the CIY promos stated, "In our differences, we are the same. We are a wide spectrum of people, with distinctive traits and talents, each reflecting a different characteristic of God. Each of us is playing a role in a saga so big that is can not be confined by time or space. In our pockets of isolation, we search for significance and yearn for true community. So we come together, broken and injured, looking for a place to rest. Some come to support, some come to be healed. In coming together, we are made whole. They all come to be known, to matter. We are here as more than just a number or a statistic. We are here because we were created to bring value. We are here to make her laugh, to cause him to think, to convict them, and to grow. Here to be more that just ONE person, ONE failure, ONE sinner, or ONE saint. We are here as a part of the ONES. And we are here . . .because we were never meant to be alone.

I wonder if adults are as inspired by togetherness as much as teens are. Do adults value we as much as we should? Do we give ourselves to gathering? Are we willing to forgo other interests in order to be together? Do we look forward to our time together?

If we did . . . Sundays would never be secondary. If we did . . . bridge communities would be forming faster than we could supply leaders. If we did . . . supper 8s would crave opportunities to meet (and eat). If we did . . . excuses would be thrown out. If we did . . .

Togetherness is not simply for a younger generation. Togetherness is not magic. Togetherness is a mystery. Togetherness is what God exhibits in Himself . . . He's lived in community since before there was time. Togetherness is something God creates . . . because we need it. Togetheness . . . is the church.