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Mothers and Daughters Event

Running time: 1 hour, 02 minutes, 01 seconds.
Friendship Circle group's annual event

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Nadine Bent Speaker: Nadine Bent
Prolific Illinois public speaker since 1975.

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Mothers and Daughters

  • Welcome ~ Pat Gaines, President (0:00 - 1:00)
  • "M. O. T. H. E. R." ~ Jaclyn Fross (1:10 - 4:48)
  • "WHEN GOD CREATED MOTHERS" ~ Lindi Horner (5:00 - 7:30)
  • Introduction of Speaker ~ Joann Smith (7:45 - 10:15)
  • NADENE BENT ~ "SWEET AROMAS" (Guest Speaker, 10:20 - 50:00)
  • "SOMEONE SPECIAL" ~ Tina Garkie (50:25 - 52:15)
  • "WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD" ~ Lacey Liggett (52:15 - 54:40)
  • PRAYER ~ Helen Ehresman (54:50 - 57:15)
  • Closing (57:15 - 1:02:01)
The Meaning of Friendship Circle

FFriends and fellowship go hand in hand. These two ingredients together are nothing but grand.
RRecipes are plentiful on "favorite recipe" night, and the finished products are a fantastic sight.
IInteresting speakers and favorite hobby displays make for fun-filled evenings and busy days.
EEntertainment is sometimes present and always enjoyed. You never know what to expect . . . or if you'll be employed.
NNursery services are provided and the service is free. Where else can you leave children without paying a fee?
DDevotions are an important part of a Friendship Circle night, a quiet time of reflection that makes the evening bright.
SShut-ins enjoy the crafts made by the ladies that attend. On special days they're given to many an elderly friend.
HCaring individuals make special friends, you see. This makes the world a brighter, happier place to be.
IIndividuals are made richer as they participate in this group. Whether making crafts, serving a meal or helping stir the soup.
PPrayer is essential to any successful adventure in life. It is present every month, joined in by mother, daughter, sister and wife.
CCaring individuals make special friends, you see. This makes the world a brighter, happier place to be.
IImportant is the first Monday night of every month, for that's the Friendship Circle night you can have some funth!
RRemain a faithful member and the rewards are simply great. Make the first Monday of each month a priority that's first rate!
CCookbooks are available from this multi-talented group. Just mention wanting to buy one and several members on you will SWOOP!
LLife, then, can be made richer by fellowship and good friends. The benefits are tremendous and seem to find no end.
EExpress yourself, be more complete, be a whole new you. Make Friendship Circle part of your life; I'm sure you'll be glad if you do!
A special "Thank You" to Nancy Barry of the Barry Patch for the Aroma Scents, Paul Shriver for his work on the sound and Lacey Liggett for her help with the music. "Thanks" to all who helped with the program. Most of all a big "THANKS" to all who worked on committees to make this a success.