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The Power of "Your Story"
Scripture: Acts 9, 22, 26
Track 6 of 7 in the Transforming Story: As We Tell It series
Running time: 34 minutes, 25 seconds.

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Chuck Sackett Speaker: Chuck Sackett
Dr. G. Charles Sackett is minister of Madison Park Christian Church.

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"The Power of Our Story"

Acts reads like a biographical history of the church. It begins in the beginning, moves through the stages of growth, chronicles the story of Peter then Paul, and concludes with Paul in prison. But it doesn't really end; it leaves us with the word "unhindered."

Little is repeated in this story, so what it highlights is important. The most prominent repetition is the story of Saul's conversion. It occurs in chapter 9 (the original event), then is repeated in chapters 22 and 26. Each is the same . . . each is different.

It's the power of the story. It can't be argued with; it can't be ignored; it can't be duplicated; it's story. Stories connect to different people in different ways. It's why a church full of stories is needed ot reach a community full of people.

God uses our story to connect the transforming story to people who might not otherwise hear The Story. The power of your story is its unique ability to engage the hearts of others. The power of another's story is it's unique ability to connect to someone else. The more stories that are told the more opportunities there are for connection.

Every Christian has a story. Some reveal the power of God to keep us from doing wrong. Other reveal His power in correcting our wrongs. Some are the tale of those raised in the faith, revealing the power of faith to keep us faithful. Others tell the tale of those who are redeemed from a life of unfortunate choices.

In every case, these stories are God's opportunity to call men and women to Himself. When these stories go untold, unique opportunities are lost. Write your story, tell your story, trust God to use your story.

If you want a good example of how to write your story, read those on the story book in the foyer each week. Imitate one of those. If that doesn't work, answer these questions: Who was I? What happened to capture my interest? How did I respond? What is God going in my life now?

Together, let's tell everyone we know our stories. Let's pray our stories make connection with those who need to hear. Then, let's watch as God uses our efforts to call people to Himself.