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Hope from the Margins.

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Hope from the Margins - There is brokenness in this world that never seems to disappear. What does the church offer? Hope. A hope that shows itself even when the world chooses to reject the very message they need most.
05/26/2013 The Church Characterized by Hope Track 1 of 6
06/02/2013 The Church is Characterized by Doing Good Track 2 of 6
06/09/2013 The Church is Characterized by Leaving the Past Track 3 of 6
06/16/2013 The Church Characterized by Material Generosity Track 4 of 6
06/23/2013 The Church is Characterized by Relational Generosity Track 5 of 6
06/30/2013 A Church Characterized by Godly Leadership Track 6 of 6